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What, were you on?

Oh meh gawd!

This is the best spam i have ever witness. This definitely deserves Turd of the Week. Party hard ftw XD


Bobby get your ass over here and save me!
Did you not hear what i just SAVE ME!!!!!
Hey you need to shut up!
oh yeah well *shoots bobby*
*sniffle* oww..... :(

I love this series of flashes they are teh uberz

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that game rules! its neat. just one thing though you should add what to do in your descripsion just so people dont get confused

FlashGameFinder responds:

Thanks, I've done that. I was hoping that people would just start clicking and discover what the game was about, but it seems that some people just think it really is blank! :)

awsome! btw i won ^_^

catchy song, great fun, addicting, 10/10


this game kicks ass!

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What it reminds me of.

When I hear this song. From the start it just sounds like the heat of a desert as you see a giant force of military tanks and helicopters coming into view, leaving a giant dust cloud behind them. Then when the fast part starts they start taking fire and are fighting back through a crowded town full of gun fire and explosions. And then at 1:18 with that pause, I can just imagine the camera shifting to a blank sky where you see a bunch of B-52 bombers slowing rolling in and starting their bombing run. And once the song picks it's tempo up again, you can just FEEL the troops running from the immanent carpet bombing and trying to find cover. Then at 2:45 and on wards you can see the good troops coming out to the wreckage and them shouting and cheering thinking they won. But at 3:08 thats when large heavily armored tanks come and open fire upon the troops again.

I know I might be the only one. But this is just how I imagine the song would look like.

So many memories.

So many amazing memories. I love this. Its beyond epic. Final Fantasy X was the game of my childhood. I have strong emotions attached to all the music in the game. I am so happy that I found this. Makes me feel happy again. Thank you sir.

I love it!

I love it! What game did it get used in? I would like to go see that game.

I'm trying to learn flash/animate, any help/ pointers would be very appreciated. THANKS!

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